Terrace plastic window 300×230 – how much does it cost? PVC windows at the lowest price

    The 300×230 terrace window is one of the most popular sizes of plastic windows in Poland. You can buy them for as little as 8016 PLN. What affects the price of PVC windows?

    We will check today:

    Terrace window 300×230 at the lowest price

    Let’s look at the cheapest 300×230 plastic window in the Smart Slide design. In the system Ideal 4000 costs 8016 PLN. On the other hand, the cheapest terrace plastic window 300×230 in the construction of HST lifting sliding door in the system Ideal 4000 is 11 176 PLN.

    In contrast, the price of the most expensive window, made in white on the Gealan S9000 profile, is 11 954 PLN.

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    How does color affect the price of a window?

    It is worth considering that the base price of the window includes white color, the surcharge for veneer on the outside is about 20% on the base price, and in double-sided veneer the cost increases to thirty-some percent.

    To illustrate the Smart Slide window by aluplast:

    • in white costs 8016 PLN
    • with exterior veneer 9619 PLN
    • With veneer on both sides, the price of the windows is 10 982 PLN.

    To illustrate the aluplast brand HST window:

    • in white costs 11 176 PLN
    • with exterior veneer 13 411 PLN
    • With both sides okeil the price of the windows is 115 311 PLN.

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