Review of uPVC windows Salamander bluEvolution 82

    PVC windows are among the most popular among investors building or upgrading their homes. Among the many options available, Salamander bluEvolution 82 windows stand out for their quality, energy efficiency and convenience. In this review, we will take a closer look at these windows, discussing their technical parameters, advantages and disadvantages, as well as customer reviews of them.

    Technical parameters

    Salamander bluEvolution 82 PVC windows are the perfect solution for those looking for energy-efficient and durable windows. Below are the main technical parameters of these windows:

    Depth and color

    Salamander bluEvolution 82 windows are characterized by a frame depth of 82 mm, which ensures their excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. As a result, you can enjoy greater comfort and energy savings.

    Another aspect worth noting is the wide range of window core colors available. Salamander bluEvolution 82 offers four core colors to choose from: white, brown, caramel and anthracite. The advantage of such a solution is the ability to match the color of the core to the color of the selected veneer, which ensures stylistic consistency of the entire window.

    Thermal insulation

    One of the most important features of Salamander bluEvolution 82 windows is their excellent thermal insulation. Thanks to the use of innovative solutions, such as a 3-pane, 6-chamber package with a considerable depth of 82 mm, these windows guarantee minimal heat loss. A heat transfer coefficient (Uw) of 0.77 confirms their high energy efficiency.

    Well-insulated windows have many benefits, such as reducing heating costs, eliminating cold spots near windows and increasing thermal comfort indoors. Therefore, investing in Salamander bluEvolution 82 windows can help reduce energy bills and improve the quality of life at home.


    Salamander bluEvolution 82 windows are equipped with three gaskets, providing additional thermal and acoustic protection. Two factory-installed gaskets and an additional center seal effectively reduce energy consumption and sound intrusion.

    An additional center seal is an innovative solution that improves airtightness. It allows you to enjoy even more comfort at home by eliminating drafts and noise from outside.


    Salamander bluEvolution 82 windows are made of high-quality PVC, which guarantees their durability and resistance to weather conditions. The 82 mm deep profile provides stability and structural strength, which is important for the longevity of the windows.

    The use of six chambers in the Salamander bluEvolution 82 profile affects the longevity of the entire window. This allows you to enjoy greater comfort at home, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

    What is worth noting is that their design is quite angular, so such windows will fit very well in modern and minimalist buildings. It is also worth mentioning that we have two options to choose from:


    Salamander bluEvolution 82 windows have many advantages that convince investors to choose them. Here are some of the most important advantages of these windows:

    • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
    • Rugged construction
    • Rich range of colors to choose from
    • Three panes of glass for greater thermal and sound protection
    • Additional center seal
    • Energy efficiency
    • Easy maintenance and cleaning
    • The purest WHITE among PVC windows

    In this profile in the basic color version WHITE – the so-called “white” is used. Brugmann white. What sets it apart? The fact that the windows are much whiter than other white windows.

    White windows are usually not completely white, through recycled admixtures. In contrast, the industry accepts that even a slightly creamy, ivory, or grayish white color looks like white. And it’s true. This is why most profiles are not fully pure white, except for Salamander bluEvo 82 – here there is a guaranteed color quality that ensures that white, is actually white.


    Despite their many advantages, Salamander bluEvolution 82 windows also have some disadvantages that are worth considering before deciding to buy them. Here are some of the major drawbacks of these windows:

    • Higher price compared to double-glazed windows like Decco 71 or Ideal 4000, but in the class of energy-efficient windows (3-gasket, 3-pane), this is one of the best prices on the market.

    Customer reviews

    Customer reviews of Salamander bluEvolution 82 windows are overwhelmingly positive. Many builders praise the high quality of these windows, their energy efficiency and convenience of use. Customers also appreciate the wide range of available colors, which allows the windows to match individual preferences and the style of the house.


    Salamander bluEvolution 82 windows are ideal for both newly built homes and for retrofitting existing properties. Thanks to its excellent thermal and acoustic insulation,these windows are especially recommended for people who value comfort, energy efficiency and silence at home.


    Salamander bluEvolution 82 PVC windows are an investment that brings many benefits. Their excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, durable construction and wide range of colors make them a popular choice among builders. Customer reviews confirm the high quality of these windows and their energy efficiency. Therefore, investing in Salamander bluEvolution 82 windows can bring a lot of satisfaction and comfort in everyday life.

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