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    Are Salamander uPVC windows a good choice? | Manufacturer Review 2024

    Choosing the perfect windows is not an easy task, which is why we are creating a series of articles titled: “The perfect windows. “Manufacturer Review. Although we offer products from many manufacturers, we are not bound by a loyalty contract with any, so we are 100% transparent.

    If you want to quickly see how much Salamander brand windows might cost, go to our online window calculator:

    Company history

    Salamander Windows was founded in 1897 and has been producing high-quality window frames for more than a century. The company has a reputation for excellence and innovation, which has helped it become one of the leading window manufacturers in Europe. Salamander Windows specializes in the production of uPVC windows, and their products are available in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes to suit different architectural styles and customer preferences – which is why they also offer passive windows.

    Salamander windows | advantages of the company


    Since 2002, Salamander has been a partner in the Rewindo recycling initiative, which brings together members of Germany’s leading plastic profile manufacturers.

    Are Salamander uPVC windows a good choice? | Manufacturer review 2024 rewindo


    The Association for the Advancement of the Humanities. The RAL quality mark for plastic window systems is given to member companies such as Salamander that meet the principles of the RAL-GZ 716 quality and inspection regulations. RAL-GZ 716 is a quality assurance marking device for PVC window profile systems and their system components.

    Manufacturers who wish to obtain the quality mark undertake to have their products and related production processes regularly monitored by authorized inspection bodies. This is to maintain the highest quality requirements to ensure the continued suitability of manufactured products for use.

    Are Salamander uPVC windows a good choice? | Manufacturer review 2024 ral


    Salamander and VEKA belong to an organization founded by European representatives of the PVC industry. VinylPlus’ most important goal is to contribute to the development of the environment, economy and society worldwide.

    Are Salamander uPVC windows a good choice? | Manufacturer review 2024 vinylplus


    The company surprises at every turn, including with its five certifications, more specifically:

    • ISO 9001:2015
    • IQNet
    • VinylPlus
    • ISO 50001:2018
    • 100% green energy

    You can read more about the above certificates here .

    Salamander windows and their recycling

    100% recycled window

    Old plastic windows are entirely recyclable, so Salamander deliberately uses recyclate from old windows to produce energy-efficient, high-performance profiles.

    This resulted in the latest innovation on the market, namely Greta®Fenster, which combines the needs of man and the environment. This profile is made of 100% recycled PVC, obtained from production residues and old windows.

    custobi recenzja okien pcv salamander 09

    Green electricity … From your own hydroelectric power plant

    It is worth mentioning that the company is investing in renewable energy on its own land by building its own hydropower plant. In addition, it is sourcing proven green electricity from WSW Energie & Wasser AG. The purchased energy comes exclusively from European hydropower plants.

    Aside from using environmentally friendly raw material through its own hydroelectric plants and, of course, PVC windows, Salamander is investing heavily in photovoltaic systems. In 2020, a photovoltaic installation was built on the company’s premises in T├╝rkheim on an area of as much as 440 sq. m. of the parking shed’s canopy, which is capable of supplying 30 households with electricity annually.

    This investment has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 37 tons per year. In addition, the premium window company has no plans to stop, but to expand its environmental activities by building photovoltaic panels with a capacity of approx. 290 kWp on the 712 m┬▓ roof area of the new hall.

    Best Salamander windows

    Premium windows – Salamander bluEvolution 82

    The salamander bluEvolution 82 mm system is the optimal combination of energy savings and innovative sealing technology – a window made of top-grade PVC.

    Technical parameters

    • Number of chambers – 6
    • Uf – 1.0
    • Ug – 0.5
    • Uw – 0.77
    • Glasses – 3
    • Gaskets – 3
    • Passive windows
    PVC window profile salamander BluEvolution 82 is the ideal profile for warm installation


    In addition to the factory-installed, two gaskets, you’ll find an additional gasket in the middle that improves acoustic and thermal protection performance. An additional advantage of Salamander BluEvolution 82 mm joinery is the possibility to choose a core in white, brown, caramel and anthracite colors. It is also worth mentioning that passive windows have a Uw coefficient of no more than 0.8, so bluEvolution 82 counts among them, as it offers some of the best thermal protection performance and meets the highest environmental standards.

    Premium windows – Salamander streamline 76

    The salamander streamline 76 system is a modern, rounded profile that gives the room a gentle coziness.

    Technical parameters

    • Number of chambers – 5
    • Uf – 1.3
    • Ug – 0.5
    • Uw – 0.83
    • Glasses – 3
    • Gaskets – 2

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    PVC window profile salamander streamline 76


    Thanks to resistant seals, the profile of the PVC window features good thermal insulation, and its steel reinforcements provide stability and strength. This makes large-scale structures safe and durable. Unfortunately, these are not passive windows.

    How much do Salamander windows cost?

    The cost of Salamander windows will vary depending on the window design, size and additional options, such as the type of glazing. You will know the exact price of uPVC window Salamander bluEvolution 82 after entering the dimensions you are interested in into our calculator, while now we can present the prices of windows in the most popular sizes:

    What about the warranty on Salamander windows?

    As with other manufacturers, it is vain to look for warranty terms here, since we cannot purchase a premium window directly from the company. The guarantee will therefore depend on the intermediary with whom we cooperate.

    When you buy windows from fenbroker, you get a 30-month worldwide warranty. No matter from where in the world you decide to place an order with us, we can assure you that you will receive a guarantee on everything. The only condition you need to meet is proper installation.

    warranty fenbroker 1
    worldwide warranty 1

    How does the installation of Salamander windows proceed?

    Like any manufacturer, Salamander recommends that their premium windows be installed by professionals. This ensures that the windows are installed correctly and in accordance with all local regulations.

    On the other hand, if you run your own company and your team will be installing them, some time ago we prepared an article explaining, how to install PVC windows i how to perform warm installation , which is sure to come in handy these days.

    Pago de Salamander curiosity

    Salamander is not only window joinery, but also the production of vintage wine, which is sourced each year exclusively from the Salamander vineyard, in close cooperation with the local wine cellar. It comes from 100% Tempranillo grape varietal, and the entire development of Pago de Salamander took 36 months – premium wine and windows.

    custobi recenzja okien pcv salamander 14

    What is the final rating of the Salamander window manufacturer?

    In summary, Salamander windows are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for high-quality, durable and energy-efficient windows. Premium windows can be more expensive than other manufacturers, such as, for example, Decco, their superior quality and insulating properties justify the extra cost. The bluEvolution 82 PVC window model is an excellent option for homeowners living in cold climates, as its multi-chamber profile and thermal break increase its insulating properties.


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